Monday, August 22, 2011

Gold jewellery designs for Gauri Ganapati idols

During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, many families bring home both Ganapati and Gauri idols. Both idols are bedecked with glittering gold ornaments to give them a glorious aura.

The jewellery shown below are exclusively of M.V.Pendurkar and Co. Jewellers, Mumbai (address & phone nos. at the end of this post).

Silver chatri (umbrella) placed above an idol

Gold jewellery for Gauri idol
A seated Gauri dressed in traditional Nauvari saree ~ note the ornament around waist and jewellery around wrists & fingers

A standing Gauri ~ note the tight choker jewellery around neck & varying lengths of other necklaces

Closeup of the standing Gauri ~ note the nosering and ear jewellery pieces, with gold flowers on shoulders

Ganapati and Gauri

Gold jewellery for Lord Ganesha idol
Golden crown befitting a Lord (note earrings hooked on to each ear - detailed image below)
Closeup of earrings and neck pieces

Gold Om symbol on right hand of the idol
Golden mouse holding golden modak & draped with cloak
Gold accessories for Ganapati Gauri idols

Gold 5-petaled flower and gold elephant

Holy offerings: (from left to right) apple, banana, pear, coconut, pomegranate, mouse with modak

Contact information of M.V.Pendurkar and Co. Jewellers Mumbai
8-A, New Popatlal Building,
opp. Saraswat Bank,
Ranade Road,
Mumbai - 400028
Ph: 022-24302452/24225003
Contact persons: Ajit M.Pendurkar & Mrs.Aarti A. Pendurkar
Specialists in: Gold, silver, diamond & pearl jewellery and retailers of various gemstones.

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  1. wow!what a collection----i felt like going back to my younger days to make &wear those Zoomkas-malas& finger-rings---