Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What are the types of Ganesh Patris for Ganesh Puja

On the occasion of Eka Vimshathi Patra Puja, which is a puja conducted as soon as the Ganapati idol is brought home, 21 holy leaves are offered during the puja. These leaves are known as Ganesh Patris. The word 'patri' actually does not mean a leaf. It has its origin in Sanskrit and basically means a protector. It also means a vessel and is also another name for Goddess Durga.

Names of 21 Ganesh Patris in alphabetical order are:
  1. Arjuna
  2. Arka
  3. Aswatham
  4. Apa Marga
  5. Badari
  6. Brihati
  7. Bilva
  8. Choota (mango leaves)
  9. Daadimi (pomegranate leaves)
  10. Devadaru
  11. Durva (in any puja durva is offered in odd numbers, such as 5 or 7 or even 21). Learn more: 21 Durva proclamations during Ganapati puja
  12. Dattura
  13. Jaaji
  14. Karaveera
  15. Machi
  16. Maruvaka
  17. Neema (neem leaves)
  18. Sidhuvara
  19. Shami
  20. Tulsi
  21. Vishnu Kranta

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