Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011 Dahi Handi locations in Mumbai and Thane

A day after Krishna Janmashtami, it is time to indulge in the playful childhood activity of Lord Krishna - breaking handis to steal curds! Maharashtra is where you need to be on this day, as it is in cities like Mumbai, Pune and other small towns & villages that you will see groups of people forming human pyramids to reach the handi dangling from a rope high above their heads. The celebration, though, is not just about breaking the symbolic handi, but winning a cash prize too for the group. Each year, the cash prizes for breaking the handis have increased phenomenally, with politicians primarily offering the largest amounts.

Where to go for Dahi Handi celebrations in Mumbai and Thane
1. Dadar Dahi Handi: (a) in front of Nakshatra Mall, near the wholesale vegetable market. (b) Ranade Road - there is one usually in front of V.M.Pendurkar Jewellers. (c) R.K. Vaidya Road.

2. Shivaji Park Dahi Handi: (a) in front of Ashray Hotel, in lane opposite Monginis cake shop. (b) in lane opposite Corporation Bank. (c) in front of Nebula Gypsy restaurant, Keluskar Road (South).

3. Worli Dahi Handi: The main dahi handi celebrations take place at Jamboree maidan, BDD chawls.

4. Kalachowki Dahi Handi: (a) Ganesh Galli, near Lalbaug market. (b) Shahid Bhagat Singh maidan, Abhyudaya Nagar. (c) behind Abhyudaya Bank, in compound of Coop. Society building.

5. Mazgaon Dahi Handi: Tadwadi

6. Chembur Dahi Handi: (a) Khardev Nagar naka. (b) Shivaji Chowk, Pandjarpole circle, near where Dr.C.Gidwani Road meets V.N. Purav Marg.

7. Ghatkopar Dahi Handi: (a) Gangawadi maidan. (b) On the Ghatkopar-Goregaon Link Road, near the signal before Shreyas cinema theatre. (c) LBS Marg, near Life Force Center

8. Kurla Dahi Handi: Bail Bazaar, behind Sheetal Cinema.

9. Vikhroli Dahi Handi: Kannamwar Nagar No.3, near the bus stop.

10. Bhandup Dahi Handi: (a) Bhandup Village Road, Shiv Sena Shaka Office. (b) Gadhavnaka, Sanman Singh Road, ahead of Kokan Nagar Society. (c) Pratap Nagar, near junction of Pratap Nagar Road and Quarry Road.

11. Dombivili Dahi Handi:(a) Baji Prabhu Chowk, near junction of Kelkar Road and Manpada Road. (b) DNC maidan, near DNC Multipurpose High School, Nandivali Road. Note: at both places, lots of cash prizes being offered!

12. Bhiwandi Dahi Handi: Kalyan Bhiwandi naka.

13. Borivali Dahi Handi: (a) Devipada maidan, Boriviali (East); (b) Kajupada. (c) Kora Kendra maidan, opp. Parekh Nagar.

14. Thane Dahi Handi: This is where some of the biggest cash prizes are being offered depending on the number of tiers of the human pyramid. Special prizes for women govinda groups too! .(a) Vartak Nagar. (b) Sangarsh, Open House Panchpakahadi - at this venue, a special group of acrobats from Catalunya, Spain, known as the Colles Castelleres, will be competing with the local govindas. The Castelleras are a group of 175 members & are world famous for being skilled at making a 9 tier human pyramid.

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