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2011 Sophia College Mumbai Kaleidoscope events schedule

Kaleidoscope is the annual college festival event of Sophia College, Mumbai. It is scheduled to be held from August 23rd to August 28th 2011.

Besides literary, performing and fine arts events, there will be a few workshops too.

Workshops at 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope:
  • Jazz (2 participants)
  • Salsa (2 participants – 1 girl & 1 boy)
  • Chinese Language (2 participants)
  • Tarot Reading (2 participants)
  • Rapelling (2 participants)
  • Sumo wrestling & Judo (2 participants)
  • Contemporary Dance (2 participants)
  • Adventure (2 participants)

Literary Arts events at 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope: This group of events includes 2 events commonly found at most college festivals: J.A.M. (just a minute) event where the participants have to speak extempore on a given topic within 1 minute, and a GK Quiz (called Inquizzition). Besides these, there are some fun-filled unique events, such as a theme-based event in which finalists have to participate in a word-games race which includes a water-balloon fight! This team event, called L.A.Koncocted, involves 4 particpants. For those wanting to show off their lyric writing skills, there is ‘Wrap it in Rap’, a Hindi language event in which participants have to write lyrics for the elimination round & follow it up with a performance of the song in the final round. 2 particpants can take part as a team in this event. Then there is an offbeat event, in which you write an obituary based on a given theme. This is called ‘Deathnote to Love’.

Performing Arts events at 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope: As the name implies, participants have to perform – singing (separate event for Hindi), Indian contemporary dance, musical band event, stand up comedy, social issues drama performance, etc. Those wishing to showcase their script-writing talent should take part in ‘Teletales’, an event in which 6-8 participants write an original script for any famous TV show with 3 compulsory characters from that show and include 3 compulsory characters from any nursery rhymes. The performance must be limited to 6-8 minutes.

Fine Arts events at 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope: Lots of colour in the events of this category! Drawing, painting, cutting, pasting & photographic events too. One of the events involves creative use of waste with fevicol & cello tape being the other requirements. 2 participants can take part & they must make their creation within 3 hours.

Informals events at 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope: The highlight of this category of events, of course, is the crowning of Mr. & Ms. Kaleidoscope. There is a cooking event in addition to a coupled of sports-based events.

Crossovers events at 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope: This category includes events that are an amalgamation of literary arts, fine arts, and performing arts. For example, one event involves writing a script for the Literary Art round, then performing it, and in finally designing props to support the play. Interesting!

Note: there are a whole lot more events than those listed above!


Contact Information of 2011 Sophia College Kaleidoscope
Sophia College for Women
Bhulabhai Desai Road,
Mumbai - 400026
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