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Tulsi Vivah Story Hindu Mythological Legends

Legend of Tulsi: Tulsi had married the evil demon king Jalandhar, but requested Lord Vishnu that her husband would never come to harm. However, because the demon king indulged in evil practices and could not be destroyed by the Gods, the Gods approached Lord Vishnu to do something to save the world from the demon. Lord Vishnu took the form of Jalandhar and stayed with the unsuspecting Tulsi, who did not realize that her husband was actually killed. When Tulsi realized that she had been tricked, she got very angry and cursed Vishnu, transforming him into a black stone (Shaligram). She then collapsed and from her body emerged the tulsi plant..

Tulsi plant

Legend of Tulsi Vivah Ceremony
My aunt related two lovely mythological stories on Tulsi.

One is the story of the Tulsi Vivah ceremony: Vrinda (Tulsi’s birth name) wished to marry Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna said that Tulsi would always be his close sakhi (friend) like Radha and have a place in his heart but could never have place inside his home. However, Lord Krishna said that as a close sakhi, no puja of Lord Krishna would ever be complete with her and that Tulsi would always find a place outside every home where he was worshipped. Hence, to this day, the Tulsi plant is grown in the courtyard of a home and every offering made to Lord Krishna includes a few tulsi leaves.

Story of Tulsi related to the Mahabharata: Lord Surya had presented the Pandavas with an Akshaya Patra so that they could have unlimited food during their exile. However, once the thalis (plates) in which they ate were washed and overturned to dry, no more food would be available. Duryodhan knew about this and was determined to create trouble for the Pandavas, so came up with the idea of sending Sage Durvasa and other rishis to the Pandava's home after they had finished their meal. He was sure that when no food was offered, Sage Durvasa would be enraged and curse the Pandavas. 

When the rishis visited the Pandavas' home, sure enough Draupadi had already turned over the thalis and had no more food in the house to serve them. Not wanting to show disrespect to the Rishis, she requested them to return after bathing in the nearby river. Draupadi then prayed to Lord Krishna to help her. Lord Krishna told her to offer him a thali with a few Tulsi leaves. Draupadi did so, and Lord Krishna ate them, gave a loud burp and said her offerings of Tulsi leaves had satisfied his appetite. At that moment, the rishis returned. Draupadi was prepared to face their wrath as she did not have any food to serve them. Instead, she was surprised when the Rishis smiled and thanked her for the sumptuous food that she had sent for them at the river bank itself, burping to express their enjoyment of their meal. It was thus that Draupadi realized that it was Lord Krishna who had arranged for the food for the rishis! From this story rose the term “Draupadichi thali” (thali of Draupadi). It is also thus that the offering of tulsi leaves is considered a must for every naivedya ( food offerings made to God before the meal is eaten by family members) made to Lord Krishna.

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