Sunday, September 14, 2014

Western Railway Festival Special Trains from West to East and North India October 2014

Western Railway is operating special trains for the forthcoming festive season. These trains will be in operation from 1st October 2014 onwards.

Trains from West to East
A. Premium Trains
1. Superfast Special from Bandra (T) to Lucknow Jn.
  • Train No.09013
  • Departure: 12.55hrs every Saturday
Return: Superfast Special from Lucknow Jn. To Bandra (T)
  • Train No.09014
  • Departure: 00.10hrs every Monday
2. Superfast Special from Surat to Patna
  • Train No.09055
  • Departure: 06.00hrs every Tuesday
Return: Superfast Special from Patna to Surat
  • Train No.09056
  • Departure: 14.55hrs every Wednesday
3. Superfast Special from Surat to Chhapra
  • Train No.09051
  • Departure: 06.00hrs every Saturday
Return: Superfast Special from Chhapra to Surat
  • Train No.09052
  • Departure: 13.25hrs every Sunday
B. Other Trains
1. Ahmedabad to Lucknow
  • Train No.09413
  • Departure: 11.35hrs every Monday
Return: Lucknow to Ahmedabad
  • Train No.09414
  • Departure: 22.40hrs every Tuesday
2. Superfast Special from Hapa to Bilaspur
  • Train No.09534
  • Departure: 22.25hrs every Tuesday
Return: Superfast Special from Bilaspur to Hapa
  • Train No.09536
  • Departure: 08.10hrs every Thursday
3. Ahmedabad to Patna
  • Train No.09411
  • Departure: 21.50hrs every Sunday
Return: Patna to Ahmedabad
  • Train No.09412
  • Departure: 10.30hrs every Tuesday
4. Superfast Special from Rajkot to Rewa
  • Train No.09571
  • Departure: 11.50hrs every Sunday
Return: Superfast Specail from Rewa to Rajkot
  • Train No.09572
  • Departure: 18.30hrs every Monday

Trains from West to North
A. Premium Trains
1. A.C.Superfast Special from Mumbai Central to New Delhi
  • Train No.22913
  • Departure: 16.00hrs every Wednesday/Friday/Sunday
Return: A.C.Superfast Special from New Delhi to Mumbai Central
  • Train No.22914
  • Departure: 14.45hrs every Thursday/Saturday/Monday
2. A.C.Superfast Special from Ahmedabad to Delhi Sarai Rohilla
  • Train No.09417
  • Departure: 16.10hrs every Friday / Sunday
Return: A.C.Superfast Special from Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Ahmedabad
  • Train No.09418
  • Departure:16.15hrs every Saturday / Monday
3. A.C.Superfast Special from Bandra (T) to Jaipur
  • Train No.09043
  • Departure: 16.50hrs every Monday
Return: A.C.Superfast Special from Jaipur to Bandra (T)
  • Train No.09044
  • Departure: 12.45hrs every Tuesday
B. Other Trains
1. Superfast Special from Indore to Jammu Tawi
  • Train No.09307
  • Departure: 23.55hrs every Monday
Return: Superfast Special from Jammu Tawi to Indore
  • Train No.09308
  • Departure: 05.00hrs every Wednesday
2. Superfast Special from Bandra (T) to Indore
  • Train No.09301
  • Departure: 12.25hrs every Friday
Return: Superfast Special from Indore to Bandra (T)
  • Train No.09302
  • Departure: 18.55hrs every Thursday
3. Fast Passenger Special from Udhana to Amravati
  • Train No.09049
  • Departure: 11.15hrs every Monday/Tuesday/Saturday
Return: Fast Passenger Special from Amravati to Udhana
  • Train No.09050
  • Departure: 06.55hrs every Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday
1. For Premium Trains, the booking for tickets will open 15 days prior to the date of the journey. 

2. The dates of the booking for the trains other than Premium Trains will be available at the WR website soon.
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