Monday, February 25, 2013

Indrayani Express Mumbai to Pune review and station halts

The Indrayani Express is a super fast train which leaves early morning from Mumbai, which is the best time to board it when going to Pune especially if you are leaving on a Sunday. This is because invariably there are mega blocks for maintenance & repairs of the railway tracks. So even if the Indrayani Express itself is delayed in starting, at least it is the first one out of the station! It is far better than waiting endless hours for a later timed train for which you have booked tickets.
The 22105 Indrayani Express train started out at about 10mins. before 6a.m. from Dadar station (Central Railway side). You have to board the train at Platform No.8. It is advisable to be there at least 45 minutes before the departure time as it takes quite some time to the following:
(a) Make your way through vehicles and people outside the station (yes, even at that hour of the morning there are plenty of train travellers!)
(b) Stare at the electronic board listing the train names and scheduled timings to confirm your train and platform number

(c) Understand which direction you have to set off to reach the correct platform (we had to ask)
(d) Drag your luggage up a slope and down another slope on the other side where the platform is located
(e) Reach the platform and figure out where exactly your coach would stop (you have to look up & see the small rectangular indicators which show ‘C-1’, ‘C-2’ etc. This alone takes some time as, like we did, the chances are very high that you will set off in the exact opposite direction!
….phew! We finally made it to the correct spot where our coach stopped when the train arrived on the dot and started out right on time at 5.53a.m. (hurrah!)

Seating arrangement
Inside Indrayani Express

The chair type seats are fairly comfortable. There is a net bag at the back of the front seat to hold a bottle of water and a folding table. There is an additional hook above the window to hang handbags and a socket to charge your mobile phone. Overhead is the luggage rack on which you can place 2-3 bags.
Food on the Indrayani Express

The food available is limited, with sandwiches, cutlets/pattice and idlis as well as general snacks like wafers. Mineral water bottles, soft drinks and hot tea is also available. You should have the idli-chutney sold on the train by vendors who get on at Karjat or Lonavala. It is hot, tasty and inexpensive. Don’t bother to buy the chikki packets sold by the vendors who get on the train as they tend to overprice it. You can get them at a cheaper rate within the Lonavala market itself or in the markets at the nearby destinations where you disembark.

Indrayani Express Mumbai to Pune halts

Passing scenery from train window

The Indrayani Express to Pune stops at 7 stations out of the 58 stations, starting from Mumbai CST railway station. The train travel distance is 183kms., with the train’s speed at an average of about 55kms./hr.
The 7 stations are:
  1. Starting point: Mumbai CST (5.40a.m.)
  2. Dadar CR (5.53a.m.)
  3. Thane (6.14a.m.)
  4. Kalyan Junction (6.35a.m.)
  5. Karjat Junction (7.15a.m.)
  6. Khandala (7.53a.m.)
  7. Lonavala (8a.m.)
  8. Shivaji Nagar (8.50a.m.)
  9. Pune Junction (9.08a.m.)
Important Tips
  • You need to carry valid photo ID (original) such as voter’s ID, PAN card, passport, etc. If you do not carry this ID proof in original, you will considered to be travelling without a ticket and will be charged a fine as per Railway rules.
  • The train halts at each of these stations for just 2 minutes so you have to be quick in boarding/disembarking. 
  • Smoking is not allowed on the train.
  • Do not carry any inflammable articles on the train.
We got off at Pune station at 9.20a.m. after a 3 ½ hour smooth journey. The train was supposed to arrive at around 9.08a.m. but got delayed due to stoppage at a signal on route. The train halts at Platform No.2.

Indrayani Express Pune to Mumbai route
We took the Deccan Express on our return journey from Pune to Mumbai as we did not wish to board a late evening train. The Indrayani Express from Pune starts off at 6.35 p.m. in the evening from Platform No. 3 and halts at the same 6 stations as mentioned above (reverse order naturally). It reaches Mumbai CST at 9.55p.m. at night.


  1. Thank you for such a detailed and precise explanation. Appreciate your help. It's been very helpful to me as I was looking out exactly for whatever you have mentioned herein.

  2. Very nice article thanks to share this valuable information. If you missed your train then go through Mumbai to Pune by Road and the distance is 148 kilometre to reach Pune it will take 2 hours and 40 minute.