Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where to buy Eco friendly Ganesha Idols in Mumbai Thane Navi Mumbai

An eco-friendly Ganesha Idol is made from natural clay and natural colours are used, such as yellow from turmeric powder. Such idols dissolve easily in water and can even be immersed in a bucket of water at home itself without the need to take it to a local water body such as a tank, river or sea. More and more people are becoming conscious of the need to protect fragile Mother Nature & stop the widespread ruin of the local environment.
I had provided a list last year where you could buy Ganesha idols made from natural sources.

This year the DNA newspaper has taken the initiative to promote eco-friendly Ganesha idols and provided the following list of vendors (one of which is the Bombay Store whose Ganesh Panchamukhi is shown in the image above) where you can buy such idols.

List of vendors selling eco-friendly Ganesha Idols

AreaName of Vendor Phone No.
AlibaugGanesh Kala Kendra9011317321
AndheriGanesh Kala Kendra8692938880
BhandupGanesh Kala Kendra9167766106
BoisarGanesh Kala Kendra8605008943
BorivaliGanesh Kala Kendra9833598562
ChemburGiri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd.25277012
ChunabhattiGanesh Kala Kendra9767766187
ChurchgateUrvashi22007956 / 9892034750
ColabaOmkar Ganesh Kala Kendra9221490792
ColabaPravin Kolabkar Siddhi Vinayak Art9867039669 / 9829365277
ColabaSiddhi Art9969670697
DadarGanesh Kala Kendra9011945307
FortThe Bombay Store40669999 / 40318888
GirgaonGanesh Chitra Mandir9004379575
GirgaonKargutkar Art9869917604
GirgaonOmkar Ganesh Chitrashala9930641789
GirgaonSiddhi Ganesh Kala Mandir9821127959
GirgaonShri Ganesh Kala9869725694
GoregaonGiri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd.28767298 / 9323927683
Grant RoadShilp Kala Art9619174639
Grant RoadSubhada Kala Mandir9773207547
KalamboliGanesh Kala Kendra9552578781
KandivaliGanesh Kala Kendra9833485944
KarjatGanesh Kala Kendra9421158205
Kurla (W)Ganesh Kala Kendra9820073834
LalbaugAtul Sagar9773380352
LalbaugEkdant Shah9870125701
LalbaugSoham Arts9820394943
MahadGanesh Kala Kendra9422494032
MaladAkar Arts28819601 / 9769456136
ManorGanesh Kala Kendra9404956115
MatungaGiri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd.24122316 / 24143140
MulundGanesh Kala Kendra9167766079
MulundKartik Creations The Art9892538961
MurbadGanesh Kala Kendra9273844601
NagothaneGanesh Kala Kendra9421258679
NerulGiri Trading Agency Pvt. Ltd.32522491
PanvelGanesh Kala Kendra9167773590 / 9404956618
PanvelGanesh Kala Kendra8655585084 / 9892034411
Pedder RoadGreen Ways Organic Produce9820562063
PenGanesh Kala Kendra8097167353
PowaiiMati Crafts25717209 / 64532111
SanpadaGanesh Kala Kendra9167773567
TelegaonGanesh Kala Kendra7588624089
ThaneGanesh Kala Kendra9322707298
ThaneTrusha Shanti Gruha25395390
VasaiGanesh Kala Kendra9404956126
VashiThe Bombay Store27810581/82

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