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Visiting Ganapati Temple Moreshwar Morgaon

The Ganapati Temple at Moreshwar is the first temple as well as the last one to be visited by those who set out on the Ashtavinayak pilgrimage. A silver headed cobra (Nagaraj, the King of Snakes) is to be seen on this temple’s Ganesha idol. The benevolent 3 eyes of the idol literally sparkle with diamonds. 

Facing the temple is a mouse (Ganapati’s mount) which is 6 foot high. Also located outside the temple gates is a large sculpture of a bull which is Lord Shiva’s mount (Lord Shiva is Ganapati’s father). As per Hindu mythological legends, the bull was being transported from a Shiva temple located in the vicinity, rested here in front of the Moreshwar temple & then could not be budged from the spot. The bull & the mouse are considered to be faithful guardians of the Moreshwar temple.

An equally fascinating aspect of this temple is the eight Ganapati idols located in the temple’s compound at 8 corners, each of these idols facing a different way. These idols are said to be Lord Ganesha’s incarnations, namely Vakratunda (Lord with a curved trunk), Mahodara, Ekadanta (Lord with a single tusk), Vikata (One who is gigantic), Dhrumavarna, Vighnaraja (Lord of all obstacles) and Lambodara (Large-bellied Lord).

Ganapati Moreshwar Temple Name Origin
Ganapati’s mount (vehicle) was originally the peacock which he later gave to his brother Skanda. The word peacock in Sanskrit is mayura and in Marathi it is mora. Hence this temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is known as Mayureshwar or Moreshwar (Lord of the Peacock)
Lord of the Peacocks

Ganapati Moreshwar Temple timings : 5a.m. to 10p.m.

Ganapati Moreshwar Temple puja timings

Moreshwar Ganapati Idol
  •  5a.m.: Prakshal Puja (ceremonious bathing of idol)
  •  7a.m.: Shodashopachar Pooja (puja with 16 rituals, including lighting incense, offering  flowers, etc)
  • 12 noon: Shodashopachar Pooja (second time in the day)
  • 8p.m.: Panchopachar Puja (pooja done with 5 items, namely rice, incense, diya, flowers & a sweet or a fruit)
  • 10p.m.: Shej-Aarti (aarti at night, considered to be an offering of sleep to the idol)
How to reach Ganapati Temple Moreshwar
Moreshwar is located in Morgaon. You can proceed to Morgaon from Pune. Distance between Pune & Morgaon is about 70kms. 

The general route taken by devotees is: Pune – Hadapsar – Saswad – Jejuri – Morgaon. The distances are:
  • Pune to Hadapsar: 10kms
  • Hadapsar to Saswad: 24kms
  • Saswad to Jejuri: 17kms
  • Jejuri to Morgaon: 19kms
The halts on the way to Morgaon
1. Hadapsar: This is located about 8 to 9kms from the center of Pune city. Paragliding is the biggest attraction which brings people here.
Accommodation in Hadapsar
  • Coccoon Service Hotel, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune – 411013. Ph: +91 20 6624 4444 / Email:
  • Ambience Retreat, Indraprasth Society, Manjari Road, Manjari Pathak, Hadapsar, Pune – 411028. Ph: +91 20 2699 1613.
  • Bhagyashree Executive, behind Suzlon Co., Near Amanora Township, Hadapsar, Pune-411028. Ph: 020-32429797/020-32438787.
  • Ajinkya Hotel, 169, Opp Suzlon Energy Behind Amanora City Mall, Tupe Malwadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune – 411028. Ph: +91-9673551111.
Emergency Number in Hadapsar: 020-26996577 (Hadapsar Police station, Survey No.-9, Gadital, Hadapsar).

2. Saswad: This is located in the Purandar taluk, at the base of the Purandar Fort in Pune district. Its most famous attraction, other than the fort, is the Mastani Lake.
Fort Jadhavgadh Heritage Hotel, Hadapsar Saswad Road, Jadhavwadi,  Pune - 412 301. Ph: 02115 - 305 200

Emergency number in Saswad: Saswad police station: 02115-222333.

3. Jejuri: This town is most famous for its Khandoba temple.
Accommodation in Jejuri
  • Siddhi Lodge with restaurant, Jejuri, Pune. Ph: 02115-253090
  • Hotel Santosh, Jejuri, Pune (14 rooms). Ph: +919850150797 / +919970400578.
Emergency number in Jejuri: Jejuri Police Station: 02115-253129

Next temple on Ashtavinayak yatra: Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek

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