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Visiting Siddhivinayak Siddhatek Temple on Ashtavinayak yatra

After paying obeisance at the Ganapati temple in Moreshwar, the next temple on the Ashtavinayaka yatra is the Siddhivinayaka temple at Siddhatek. From Morgaon the distance to Siddhatek is 82kms. This town is located on the banks of the river Bhima. 

How to go to Siddhatek
If you are travelling directly by train to Siddhatek, you have to get off at the Daund Junction Railway Station which is approx 13kms from Siddhatek. From Daund you can board the State Transport bus and get off at Shirapur village. From there it is 1km to Siddhatek via a ferry. Alternatively, you can take an early morning bus directly from Pune (Shivaji Nagar area) to Siddhatek.

Siddhivinayak Siddhatek Temple name origin
As per Hindu mythology, when Lord Brahma (the creator) was making the universe, Lord Vishnu (the preserver) dozed off. While asleep, all of a sudden 2 ferocious demons named Kaitabh & Madhu materialized from Lord Vishnu’s ears. They created a lot of havoc in the homes of Gods & Goddesses & harassed the wise sages too. Since the demons had come out from Lord Vishnu’s ears, He was requested to kill the demons. However, despite a prolonged war against the demons over thousands of years, Lord Vishnu was not successful. 

Lord Vishnu then approached Lord Shiva (the destroyer), who told him, “If you had first itself worshipped Vinayaka then you would have already achieved victory” & told Lord Vishnu a special 6-word (षड्क्षारी) mantra to invoke Vinayaka. Accordingly, Lord Vishnu set out to find a holy place where he could invoke Vinayaka with the mantra. He found such a place on a hill, set up a temple with an idol of Vinayaka & worshipped Him for many days. Pleased with Lord Vishnu’s devotion, Lord Ganesha gave him the powers to kill the demons by granting him Siddhi (divine illumination, perfect knowledge or power attained through sadhana). 

The area where Lord Vishnu had attained Siddhi came to be known as Siddhashetra and the idol which was placed in the temple set up by Lord Vishnu came to be known a Siddhivinayak. Since Lord Ganesha had given Lord Vishnu Siddhi, He came to be known as Siddhivinayaka (One who gives success).

About Siddhivinayak Siddhatek Temple
The Siddhivinayak temple at Siddhatek is on a hill and faces the north. The idol of this temple is 3 feet high and the end of its trunk is curved towards its right side. Traditionally, the figures of Vinayaka’s consorts, Ridhi (signifying prosperity) & Siddhi (knowledge), are shown as seated on either lap.
Siddhivinayaka at Siddhatek
Located near the temple is the place where Maharishi Vyasa resided & where he made a yagna. It is believed that, to date, the ash-like soil here is due to the remnants of that long-ago yagna. It is also believed that Shri Morya Gosavi of Chinchwad had made a prolonged tapasya here. Haripant Phadke, a senapati of the Peshwas and Narayan Maharaj, a Dattatreya devotee of Khedgaon, were said to have often come to the temple at Siddhatek to worship Siddhivinayak.

On the western side from the temple is located Shivai Devi’s (शिवाई देवी) and Lord Shankara’s small temple. The river Bhima flows very close to this temple. It is said to be a miracle that, no matter how thunderous the river’s waters are, its sound does not reach here.

During the months of Bhadrapad & Magh month’s Shukla Pratipad Panchami, there are large-scale pujas & a huge jatra is organized during this time at Siddhatek.

Siddhivinayak Siddhatek Temple timings: 4a.m. to 9.15p.m.

Siddhivinayak Siddhatek Temple puja timings:
  • 4.30a.m.: Saharan Puja
  • 10a.m.: Offering of kichdi is made to the deity
  • 11a.m.: Panchamriti puja
  • 12.30noon: Offering of Mahabhog is made to the deity.
  • After sunset: Puja
  • 8.30p.m.: Dhooparti is done
Accommodation at Siddhatek
You may find it difficult to find place to stay in Siddhatek at the last minute. Those who have visited say that you can make arrangements with the temple priest (Shree Gajanan Purohit) who will arrange for your stay. 

Shree Siddhivinayak lodging & boarding is available near the temple. Rate for single room for one day is Rs.75/- & for big hall is Rs.251/-

As for food, there are many locals who prepare the traditional jhunka-bhakri meal for a small amount.

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