Sunday, August 26, 2012

21 Durva offering proclamations during Ganapati puja

Durva (दुर्वा) is a sacred grass offered to an idol during worship. The 3-leaved durva (ideally it should be 3 but 5-leaved can also be offered) is one of the most important offerings made during Ganapati puja. In fact, during the Ganapati puja, 21 durva have to be offered (do you know why? read here). Before offering, each durva is dipped in a pot of water and thrown towards/placed on the idol. However, no durva should be put against or on the idol's face. As each durva is offered, an utterance or proclamation (उच्चार) is made. The उच्चार are as follows...
श्रीगणपतीला 21 दुर्वा वाहताना गनेशनामाचा उच्चार 

  1. g`ai2pay nm:
  2. Awyp/day nm:
  3. [wvK5ay nm:
  4. विnaykay nm:
  5. svRisद्धिp/daykay nm:
  6. vk/tu~day nm:
  7. iv^niv@v.skmRe nm:
  8. Amre(vray nm:
  9. Naagy)opvItIne nm:
  10. prxu2ar`e nm:
  11. ]mapu5ay nm:
  12. 0kd.tay nm:
  13. mU8kvahnay nm:
  14. ईxpuत्राय nm:
  15. l.bodray nm:
  16. A6naxkay nm:
  17. iv(vv.द्याy nm:
  18. गजvK5ay nm:
  19. भालचंद्राय nm:
  20. iv^nai2pay nm:
  21. svRivद्याp/dayday nm:
Note: Durva is one of the Ganesh patris offered to Ganapati when the idol is brought home. Know which are are the other 20 here: Types of Ganesh patris offered during Ganapati puja

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