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2012 Dahi Handi venue locations Mumbai and Thane

Krishna with curds pot
A prominent part of the Krishna Janmashtami celebrations is the breaking of the handi (clay pot) which is set up high above the ground at the center of a long rope strung between two structures. Lord Krishna as a child always broke clay pots to eat the curds inside, hence the breaking of the clay pot is a similar activity. This activity is a part of festivities known as Dahi Kala utsav or Dahi Handi Mahotsav. It takes place just 1 day after celebrating Lord Krishna's birth. The 2012 Krishna Janmashtami date is August 9th, 12 midnight. On August 10th, the streets of Mumbai, Pune, Thane & Navi Mumbai will be filled by large groups of Govindas (men and women) who try to outdo each other in creating more tiers of pyramids to break the traditional handi. There is a great deal of joy in this, more so because of the cash prizes offered by political groups & private organizations.

2012 Dahi Handi Venues and Events
Handi strung up between two buildings
1. Sankalp Pratishthan Dahi Handi 2012

Sankalp Pratishthan dahi handi event poster
The dahi handi event of the Sankalp Pratishthan at Worli is organized by Sachin Ahir (Minister of State for Housing) and his wife Sangeeta Ahir. The event will feature a dance ballet on Radha by Esha Deol. Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal, who are co-stars in the forthcoming film 'Oh My God!', will be showing a theatrical trailer of their film during the event.
Watch the video of the full song and lyrics of 'Go Govinda' from the film:

Emraan Hashmi too will be present to cheer on the female govindas. Reports in the media also state that Hrithik Roshan will also make a surprise appearance.

Cash prizes: Rs.7,000 (7 tier pyramid), Rs.1 lakh (8 tier pyramid) and Rs.5 lakh (9 tier pyramid).
For female govindas: Rs.6,000 (6 tier pyramid) and Rs.11,000 (6 tier pyramid).

Venue: Jambori Maidan, BDD Chawls, Worli, Mumbai-18

At the Thane venue of its Dahihandi Mahatsav too, Sankalp Pratishthan holds the event on a large scale & offers large amounts of prize money.

Venue: Sankalp Chowk, off Road No.9, near Vidyut Mettalics Pvt. Ltd., Thane (West)

2. Sangharsh Pratishthan Dahi Handi 2012
A huge draw of the Dahi Handi event here is the breaking of the handi by foreign troupes. Last year, a group of acrobats from Catalunya, Spain, known as the Colles Castelleres, had been invited. This year, in addition to a Spanish troupe of 50 men, it is reported that troupes from Morocco and Chile  will also be present.

Cash prizes: Rs. 2 lakh (8 tier pyramid), Rs.15 lakh (9 tier pyramid) and Rs.30 lakh (10 tier pyramid).
For female govindas: Rs.7 lakh (7 tier pyramid), Rs.25,000 (6 tier pyramid) and Rs.15,000/- (5 tier pyramid).

Venue: Sangarsh, Open House Panchpakahadi, Thane

3. Sanskruti Yuva Pratishthan Dahi Handi 2012
Celebrities are expected to grace the event and campaign for the girl child, speaking up against female foeticide.The theme of the event is the 2012 London Olympics.

The cash prizes on offer here are: Rs.1.5 lakh (8 tier pyramid), Rs 11 lakh (9 tier pyramid) and Rs 25 lakh (10 tier pyramid). There are separate cash prizes for women govindas: Rs 5 lakh (7 tier pyramid), Rs 1.5 lakh (6 tier pyramid) and Rs 50,000 (5 tier pyramid).

Venue: Vartak Nagar, Thane

4. Rajan Vichare's Dahi Handi 2012
This event is orgnaised near Masunda Lake, Thane. The unique aspect of this event is that cash prizes are given to all groups who attempt to break the handi, including children. Young cancer patients from Tata Memorial Hospital are also invited a day earlier and rewarded for their efforts to break the handi. 

Venue: Masunda Lake area, Thane

5. Ram Kadam Dahi Handi 2012
Shri Ram Kadam is an MNS MLA. The theme of his event will be centered on the toll taxes. Documentary films directed by Madhur Bhandarkar are likely to be screened during the event. 

Venue: Sanitarium Lane, Ghatkopar

6. Khandke Building Mitral Mandal Dadar Dahi Handi 2012
This dahi handi is on a smaller scale than that organized elsewhere. Nevertheless, it is great fun to watch.

Cash prizes on offer here are: Rs.501/- (5 tier pyramid), Rs.1,111/- (6-tier pyramid) and Rs.2,222/- (7 tier pyramid). Other prizes are also awarded. Last year, a small idol of Lord Krishna was given as an award too.

Venue: in front of Khandke Building (Pednekar Jewellery showroom is on the ground floor), R.K.Vaidya Marg, Dadar.

7. NCP Mahim Dahi Handi 2012
Blackboard announcing the NCP dahi handi at Mahim
The cash prizes on offer are: Rs.51,000/- (1st prize), Rs.2,500/- for सलामी (this refers to reaching up to the handi & managing to salute it without being able to actually break it; सलाम means salute) and Rs.2,500/- (female govindas).

Venue: opposite Shobha Hotel, T. H. Kataria Marg, near Petrol Pump, Mahim, Mumbai-16.

8. Shiv Sena Dharavi Vidhansabha Dahi Handi 2012

Shiv Sena Banner welcoming Govindas
The dahi handi here has been put up by Dilip Katke
The cash prizes total: Rs.5,55,555/-

Venue: 90 Feet road, Opp. Ashok Silk Mills Compound, Sion-Bandra Link Rd., Dharavi-17.

9. Shiv Sena Vibhag No.4 Dahi Handi 2012

Shiv Sena banner of dahi handi event at Kurla

The cash prizes total: Rs.22,22,222/-

Venue: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maidan, Nehru Nagar, Kurla (W)

10. Shiv Sena Shaka No.184 Dahi Handi 2012
The total prize money here is Rs.1,11,111/-
The cash prizes for सलामी are: Rs.501/- (5 tier pyramid), Rs.1,184/- (6 tier pyramid) and Rs.2509/- (7 tier pyramid). For female govindas: Rs.3333/- 

Venue: Star Chamber, Senapati Bapat Marg, opp. Manish market, Dadar (W), Mumbai-28.

11. Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena Shivaji Park Dahi Handi 2012
Cash prizes: Rs.1,11,11(8 tier pyramid), Rs.3,000 (7 tier pyramid) and Rs.2,000 (6 tier pyramid). For female govindas: Rs.50,000 (6 tier pyramid) and Rs.5,000 (5 tier pyramid).

12. MNS Dadar Flower Market Dahi Handi 2012

The cash prizes: Rs.55,555/- (1st prize) and Rs.2,148/- (female govindas).

Venue: Vijay Nagar, M.C.Jawale Marg, near Kamat Hotel, Dadar Station (W), Mumbai-28.

13. MNS Ranade Road Dadar Dahi Handi 2012

MNS banner of dahi handi event at Dadar
This Dahikala utsav is one of the most popular one in Dadar area, with maximum crowds.
Cash prize: Rs.11,11,111/-

Venue: in front of Nakshatra Mall, Ranade Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai-28

14. MNS Dahi Mahotsav Prabhadevi 2012

Venue: Khed gully, opp. Chintamani Building, (ahead of Bhavani  Shankar Rd.), Prabhadevi

15. MNS Kalachowkie Dahi Handi 2012
Cash prize: Rs.1.11lakh.(top prize).

16. Kora Kendra Borivili Dahi Handi 2012
This event is hosted by Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam. Singers Vaishali Samant & Bali Bramhabhatt will entertain the crowds whle Iskcon priests will conduct traditional rituals.

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  1. where do these politicians get the money to spend so much on Dahi handi? They extract it from the Gujrati/Marwadi traders.