Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Christmas

When Christmas comes, all we are concerned with is partying!
Here’s a story related by a Church pastor to remind us what is the true meaning of Christmas:

Little Peter got up on Christmas morning and excitedly rushed to the Christmas tree. He was delighted to see the many gaily wrapped boxes of various shapes and sizes beneath the tree kept there for him and his siblings. His parents watched with a smile as he started to lift each box, but got puzzled when he did not open any of the gifts kept for him. The puzzlement turned to concern when Peter pushed aside all the gifts and burst into tears. They asked him what was wrong, whether there was something he was looking for, and he said “I cannot find the gift for baby Jesus. Where is the gift in the name of baby Jesus?” 

- That, my friends, is the significance of Christmas: it is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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