Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Manger Features

The Christmas manger is a beautiful aspect of the celebration of the birth of Jesus, depicting what is known as a Christmas Nativity scene.

Nativity Scene

What is traditionally to be put in a Christmas Manger and Christmas Nativity Scene
* Baby Jesus
* Mary
* Joseph
* Ox
* Ass

Note: While the Christmas manger is set up a few days before Christmas, the figure of baby Jesus is placed in it only at midnight of December 24th. The ox and the ass are the animals which kept baby Jesus warm against the winter cold with their breadth and hence are an important part of the Christmas manger.
Mary and Joseph look fondly at baby Jesus while the ox and the ass keep the baby warm

In addition, some people put shepherds and angels surrounding baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

The figures of the three wise men are put in the Christmas manger only on January 5th or January 6th, since they did not locate baby Jesus immediately but followed the star for many days till they reached the manger.

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