Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top 4 Apple iPod Gifts for Diwali Prices Features India

Want to gift an Apple iPod for Diwali ? Here's a list of the Top 4 Apple iPod Gifts

1. The new iPod Touch: Features of the new iPod Touch include retina display, HD video recording, FaceTime and Game Center.
New Apple iPod Touch

Price of new iPod Touch in India: Rs.15,400/- for 8GB / Rs.19,900/- for 32GB / Rs.25,900/- for 64GB

2. The new iPod Shuffle: Features of the new iPod Shuffle include lovely colours, a big control pad, VoiceOver and multiple playlists.

Apple iPod Shuffles

Price of new iPod Shuffle in India: Rs.3,200/- (2GB)

3. Apple iPod Classic: Features of the Apple iPod Classic include massive storage space of 160GB, 2.5-inch display, 3 Games (Vortex, iQuiz and Klondike), iTunes to sync the photos you have in iPhoto on a Mac, and lots more!

Apple iPod Classic: silver and black

Price of Apple iPod Classic in India: Rs.15,200/- (160GB)

4. The new iPod nano: Featues of the new iPod nano includes muti-touch technology, just as in the iPhone, iPad,  1.5-inch colour display, a new built-in clip, built-in 30-pin connector for easy plug-in of the iPod nano into products made for iPod (such as your car stereo), 7 colours, and built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for 24 hours of non-stop music.

Vibrant colours of iPod Nanos
Price of new iPod nano in India: Rs.10,700/- for 8GB / Rs.12,700/- for 16GB

Website: http://www.apple.com/in/ipod/

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