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Top 10 Traditional Diwali Faral Foods and How to Prepare Them

Diwali faral is the term used for a variety of savoury snacks which are traditionally made at home and eaten during the 5 days of Diwali & also served to guests. It is often the tradition, too, to give a packet of mixed Diwali faral when visiting the homes of relatives and friends to wish them on the occasion of Diwali.

Given below are the main Types of Diwali foods for Faral and links to sites which explain how to make simple Diwali faral.

How to make Easy Maharashtrian Diwali Faral Foods Online

1. Poha chivda: This is beaten rice which is crisply cooked on a low flame and flavoured with peanut and spices.
Poha Chivda

2. Shev: These are thick or thin fried snacks made from chickpea and rice Flours and spiced up with chilli powder. The thicker spicy variety known as jaade shev is very popular during Diwali.
3. Kadboli (plural is Kadbole): Kadboli is a snack made from a mixture of rice flour, urad flour, chana, moong and salt and is flavoured with jeera, ajwain and a pinch of chili powder. In some parts of India, such as Karnataka (here it is called Kodbale), it is made only with rice and urad flour.
4. Anarase: This is a sweet savoury snack made from rice and jaggery, with sesame or poppy seeds
5. Shankarpale: Shankarpale is a snack made from a dough of maida, sugar, milk, a little ghee, semolina and salt.
6. Chakli: This is a crunchy snack made from rice flour, often mixed with a variety of dals, with sesame seeds and jeera tossed in the flour. Chilli powder is added to make spicy chaklis.


7. Karanji: These are dumplings stuffed with dry coconut and sugar, deep fried or baked. Today, this basic stuffing has been replaced by unique stuffings, such as dried fruits, figs, etc.
8. Boondi Ladoo: These are small, round deep fried balls that have been soaked in fragrant sugar syrup. After soaking, the syrup is drained and the syrup infused boondi are formed into balls (ladoos).
Kadak (hard) booni ladoos
Soft boondi ladoos
9. Rava Ladoo: These are small, round balls made from semolina and sugar with kismis (raisins) added. These are fried on medium heat and flavoured with a pinch of saffron & cardamom powder.
Rava Ladoos
10. Besan Ladoo: These are small, round balls made from besan (gram flour), ghee and sugar and flavoured with raisins & cardamom powder.
Besan Ladoos

In addition to the above traditional Diwali faraal, there are chirotis, mysore pak, and mithais too, which are mainly bought from mithai stores.


Mysore Pak


List of Diwali Faral Foods

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