Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WR Premium Superfast Summer Special Trains 2015

This month onwards, Western Railway is operating weekly and tri-weekly multiple train services specially for the summer to and fro from major cities. Booking for the trains have already opened for the first few trips of these trains and for remaining trips, the booking will be opened 15 days prior to the date of the journey as per the Advance Reservation period only through IRCTC website.

List of Trains
1. AC Weekly Train from/to Mumbai Central - Lucknow Jn
  • Train nos.: 09013/09014
  • Dates: 2nd April to 26th June 2015
  • Departure from Mumbai Central: Every Thursday at 20.35hrs
  • Departure from Lucknow Jn: Every Friday at 22.45hrs
2. AC Weekly Train from/to Bandra Terminus – Jodhpur
  • Train nos.: 09043 / 09044
  • Dates: 6th April to1st July 2015
  • Departure from Bandra (T): Every Monday at 23.55hrs
  • Departure from Jobdhpur: Every Wednesday at 11.20hrs
3. Weekly Train from/to Bandra (T) – Gorakhpur
  • Train nos.: 09015/09016
  • Dates: 5th April to 30th June 2015
  • Departure from Bandra (T): Every Sunday at 05.10hrs
  • Departure from Gorakhpur: Every Tuesday at 07.00hrs
4. Weekly Train from/to Ahmedabad – Allahabad
  • Train nos.: 09421/09422
  • Dates: 5th April to 29th June 2015
  • Departure from Ahmedabad: Every Sudnay at 14.10hrs
  • Departure from Allahabad: Every Mondayat 21.05hrs
5. Weekly Train from/to Surat – Patna
  • Train nos.: 0905/09056
  • Dates: 7thAPril to 1st July 2015
  • Departure from Surat: Every Tuesday at 06.10hrs
  • Departure from Patna: Every Wednesday at 14.55hrs
6. AC Tri-Weekly Trains from/to Ahmedabad – Delhi Sarai Rohilla
  • Train nos.: 09417/09418
  • Dates: 3rd April to 15th April 2015
  • Departure from Ahmedbad: Every Tuesday, Friday, Sunday at 16.10hrs
  • Departure from Delhi Sarai Rohilla: Every Wednesday, Saturday, Monday at 16.15hrs
7. Weekly Train from/to Bandra (T) – Gandhidham
  • Train nos.: 09455/09456
  • Dates: 1st April to 25th June 2015
  • Departure from Bandra Terminus: Every Thursday at 16.00hrs
  • Departure from Gandhidham: Every Wednesday at 22.05hrs
8. Weekly Train from/to Ahmedabad – Patna (via Anand – Godhra)
  • Train nos.: 09411 / 09412
  • Dates: 2nd April to 26th June 2015
  • Departure from Ahmedabad: Every Thursday at 11.50hrs
  • Departure from Patna: Every Friday at 20.30hrs
9. Weekly Train from/to Surat – Chhapra
  • Train nos.: 09051 / 09052
  • Dates: 4th April to 28th June 2015
  • Departure from Surat: Every Saturday at 06.10hrs
  • Departure from Chhapra: Every Sunday at 13.25hrs
10. Weekly Train from/to Indore – Patna
  • Train nos.: 09305 / 09306
  • Dates: 5th April to 29th June 2015
  • Departure from Indore: Every Sunday at 14.00hrs
  • Departure from Patna: Every Monday at 17.15hrs
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