Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dining at Cloud9 Hills Resort Lonavala

The restaurant at Cloud9 resort is spacious and comfortable with a large screen wall TV. There are a few flies though which are kept at bay when the fans are switched on. 

A corner of the area is a kidz zone for toddlers. A TT & Billiards table is on one side and doors from the restaurant lead out to the pool.

There is a splash of greenery inside the restaurant, with a Christmas tree too.

Greenery inside restaurant

The food served at the resort is vegetarian fare only. When we arrived on
Menu Card
a Sunday, it was served buffet style for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We thus assumed that on subsequent days too it would be buffet style. 

However, the next day when we went for dinner we were told it would be A la Carte. We had to order from the menu one soup, one starter, 2 vegs. and a dessert. Rice and Dal was also be included. 

Being a group of 6, we ordered 2 of one veggie dish and were aghast at seeing the large portion being served in ONE platter – it was more than enough for all of us! So we hurriedly cancelled the second platter. 

Buffet Table

It would be good if the restaurant (a) informs in advance when it will be A la Carte and (b) informs that it will be a large portion per platter. Also, not having been informed in advance that it was A la Carte, we had to wait a good 30 minutes before the food arrived. Hence, the next day we wisely ordered in advance and then went to the restaurant for the meal.

The Food
The food served is really very good overall & extremely appetizing. There was no spicy food and we did not find anything oily. Even the pakodas served with the tea left no oily splats on our fingers.
While we loved practically everything we ate, a couple of things we did not like: too much salt in the lasuni kurma veggie dish; veg crispy starter – seemed to look artificial; the potatoes served with the puris for breakfast on one day were not fully cooked; the pink colour swirl in the nawaabi raita could have been done away with as the raita did not really require it. The veg crispy seemed to be the source of the upset stomach for a couple of our group members. 
Our Favourites: Vermicelli upma, vermicelli kheer, mushroom soup, masala dosa & sambhar, dal, sesame toast, corn tikki, aloo tikki, mango ice-cream.


The BEST: 
Masala tea and platter of mixed pakodas which were sprinkled with chaat masala. Simply superb combo!

Mixed Pakodas

Mango Ice-cream ~ super fabulous! 

Mango Ice-cream

  • You can check the charges for breakfast and meals from the resort website if you don’t wish to stay but only stopover for a meal or for tea.
  • Confirm whether there will be an extra charge for the breakfast on the day you arrive to stay at the resort.

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