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What is the meaning and significance of 9 Navratri colours

Most of you are probably aware that Goddess Durga has 9 incarnations. These incarnations are worshipped during the 9 days and nights of the Navratri festival (nav meaning nine and ratri meaning night). A unique aspect of the worship is to dress the idol in a different colour on each day. 

In recent years, it has become fun to dress up in a colour corresponding to the colour of the Devi’s garments. Did you know, though, that it is believed that each colour represents a particular guna (characteristic or quality) of the Devi? 

In fact, colours, just like the mounts, are often associated with various Gods and Goddesses.

2013 Navratri Colours

9 Colours of Navratri 2013

October 5th Saturday / PratipadaGrey
October 6thSunday / DwitiyaOrange
October 7thMonday / TritiyaWhite
October 8thTuesday / ChaturthiRed
October 9thWednesday / PanchamiBlue
October 10thThursday / SashtiYellow
October 11thFriday / SaptamiGreen
October 12thSaturday / AshtamiPurple
October 13thSunday / Navami / Vijayadasami Pink

In some places, the Devi's idol was not dressed in grey but also had a touch of blue, as seen in the photo below.

The table below shows some of the colours associated with various incarnations/names of Goddess Durga.

ColourGoddessRepresentive Characteristic / Quality / Meaning of Name
GreyMaha Kali or Bhairavi One who grants wishes
OrangeGoddess ChamundaOne who is courageous
WhiteGoddess ParvatiOne who has all the gunas
RedGoddess Durga One who is always in action
Sky BlueGoddess BhuvaneshvariOne who represents illusion
Deep BlueGoddess NarayaniOne who is good-natured (this Goddess is the consort of Lord Vishnu)
Royal BlueGoddess Renuka DeviOne who inspires
YellowGoddess SaraswatiOne who works hard
GreenGoddess JagadambaOne who is Nature
Parrot GreenGoddess AmbaOne who is compassionate (Amba means mother in Sanskrit)
PurpleGoddess KushmandaOne who signifies beginnings

Different people may associate a colour with a different Goddess, so the above table need not be considered as the ultimate referral.

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