Thursday, April 18, 2013

List of popular Waterfalls in Maharashtra

There are lots of beautiful scenic waterfalls in the Sahyadri hills area in Maharashtra. The largest number of visitors are, naturally, on the weekends. There is something about waterfalls which enthrall people. Some waterfalls are regular haunts of picnickers while others have few visitors due to their greater anonymity. Here are some of the popular waterfalls in Maharasthra (though by no means this can be regarded as a complete list ~ I am sure there are lots more!).

Lingmala Waterfalls
Located in Panchgani, these waterfalls are a must visit if you are a rainbow watcher. The sunbeams hitting the sprays emitted by the waterfall as it drops dwon 600 ft. from the top of the Venna valley creates rainbows quite often.

Chinaman’s Waterfalls
This lovely waterfull takes a plunge right into the beautiful Koyna Valley. It is easy to access from both Panchgani and Mahableshwar.

Kune Waterfalls
The Kune waterfalls takes pride of place at No.14 in the list of highest waterfalls in India. Bang in the heart of the Lonavala Khandal valley, the waterfall makes its highest drop from a height of 330ft.

Thoseghar Waterfalls
With a thunderous roar of the like you have probably rarely heard, the Thoseghar waterfall takes a dizzying noisy dive from over 1000ft. It literally is a jaw-dropping moment especially if you are visiting during the monsoon season when it is at its roaring best.
Location: 20kms from Satara.
Don’t forget to make a side trip to the nearby windmill farm at Chalkewadi.

Kandhar Doh Waterfalls
The area where the Kandhar Doh waterfall is located is a popular trekking spot. It is here that the famous Warna River originates and it is from this waterfall that the waters make their way to the Chandoli Dam. The Kandhar Doh waterfall is a photographer’s delight with its surrounding expansive views.

Waterfalls near Mumbai
  • Chinchoti Waterfall: in Vasai forest area
  • Pandavkada Waterfall: in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Good for picnics and exploring the Buddhist caves.
  • Pandavgarh Waterfall: near Owe, Thane.
  • Nangrya Waterfall: adjacent to the Pandavgarh waterfall. Go up the small path to see the cave in the center.

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