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Location of Dala Rooster Homestay Panchgani

The Dala Rooster homestay in Panchgani is located about 8-9kms. from Wai. (here is the review). Our private taxi driver knew the place as the taxi operator for whom he works was recommended to us by the owner, Captain Gokhale. Even if the name of the homestay is not known, you can ask for directions to the Gokhale bungalow.

Directions to Dala Rooster Homestay
Just ahead of the Rain Forest restaurant, you have to take a right turn off the main road and drive down the rough stone-filled road, past the gate of Tata Consultancy Services property, turn left and continue till the end of the road.
Rain Forest restaurant
Dala Rooster is the second last bungalow on your right, with white gates and a round globe lamp on the gate post at the entrance. The lettering of the name is a bit faded, but the image of the rooster is clear so you can’t miss it.
Homestay Nameplate
Since the roads leading up the homestay are filled with stones, large and small, it is highly advisable to take along good shoes which can bear the brunt of the rough road if you are intending to walk around the area. In fact, walk around you must. For one thing, there are some really pretty bungalows all around, not to mention colorful denizens of nature – flowers, birds and butterflies. 
Flowers of all hues bloom around

A sunny hello!

An unexpected surprise at my feet ~ a pretty butterfly resting on a dry leaf
Do take a walk before 9a.m. straight down the road (don’t turn right to go to the main road) to the very end and see the overhead view of the small strawberry farm. 
View of strawberry farm at the end of the lane
This same farm you can see from the front on the other side just before the Rain Forest restaurant. We were informed that the strawberries sold here are good, but since we had visited the Panchgani market, we bought strawberries from there.

Within walking distance of Dala Rooster is Parsi Point. It is a 10 minutes walk but please do be careful as vehicles come and go at great speed and you have to walk on the very edge over the stony borders. It is best to face the oncoming traffic when you walk.

Also, for heaven’s sake do not attempt the walk all the way to the Panchgani market. This is based on our own personal experience. We decided that before lunch we would walk to the market. Without bothering to find out properly which direction to take, we set off towards the left down the main road, in the same direction as we had come, past the Rain Forest restaurant and the strawberry farm. We walked a good 20mins. and realized we were getting nowhere! We then turned back around and happened to meet a local. We asked him the way to the market & he pointed to the opposite direction we had taken. On enquiring how long it would take to walk to the market, he gauged that we were city people & with a wide grin said that he would take about 15 minutes but we would reach within 30minutes or probably more. So we sensibly abandoned the idea & called for our private taxi driver to pick us up & take us to the market. (Rs.150-Rs.160 + Rs.20 parking). 

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Rooms and Facilities 


Contact Information
Capt. Vikas Gokhale
"Dala Rooster"
Paramount Society Survey no. 545/5,
Panchgani – 412 805
Ph: Contact Capt. Gokhale via email & give your contact nos. He will contact you.

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