Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Republic Day parade Shivaji Park Mumbai

This year's Republic Day parade at Shivaji Park, Mumbai was an even grander event than previous years with the addition of more floats and more folk dance groups from the smaller towns and rural areas of Maharashtra.

It is a pity that the public stays away. There is a crowd, but not as much as one would expect. It was really a wonderful opportunity to see & cheer the various units of the police forces, fire brigade, security forces, army, navy and other personnel smartly turned out in their full working kit.

The photographs in this and related blog posts reveal them in all their glory.

Below are snapshots of the 2013 Republic Day parade held at the Shivaji Park grounds in the heart of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

A large group of excited kids cheering the parade participants
Some of the Squads

The Amubulances which were part of the parade

A police jeep accompanying the parade

More photos can be seen at:
About the Parade


Navy personnel and Navy cadets

Traffic Police 

Mumbai Police, police band, police security units


Folk dances and Cultural performances

Note: I will be regularly updating my blog with more photos of the other squads, floats, bands and folk dances. So bookmark this blog!

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