Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quirky rakhi designs for Raksha Bandhan

Two weeks before Raksha Bandhan, vendors start selling rakhis for the festival. Some are the traditional simple threads, others are rakhis uniquely designed for kids, and yet others are rakhis with Lord Ganesha.

There are a few rakhis, though, which catch your eye not because of their uniqueness or beautiful motifs, but because they are so outlandish!

Images of Sachin on one side, Aamir on the other, 
with unknown cartoon characters in the center of the rakhi

A Donald Duck rakhi with image of Harry Potter next to it. What's the connection? 
Even Harry Potter's magic wand can't conjure it up! 

Fake coin with Queen Elizabeth II at the center of the rakhi. 
Difficult to unerstand why such a rakhi was designed at all!

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