Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday significance and features

Good Friday is an centuries-old tradition to mark the anniversary of  the death of Jesus Christ.

Why is Good Friday called good?
Although the horrid treatment and crucifixion of Jesus Christ is not good, the day is considered as "Good Friday" because Jesus Christ sacrificed His life and what happened subsequently - His resurrection - is a good occurrence.

What is the Last Supper?
The last meal which Jesus Christ had with the 12 Apostles in Jerusalem before His crucifixion is known as the last supper.
The Last Supper

What are the various features of Good Friday?
On this day, followers of the Christian community fast and do penance. The fast involves not eating any form of meat and not snacking. There are different rules for fasting as per the parish and, generally, the fasting guidelines apply to people between the ages of eighteen and fifty-nine (other than those with health problems).

Another important aspect is that Good Friday is the second part of the Paschal Triduum, the other days being Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday.

What are the main traditions of Good Friday?
1. Veneration of the Cross: people kneel before the cross, thereby showing respect to it, and kissing the foot of the cross. During a mass church service, the worshipers kneel together.

2. The Stations of the Cross: The Stations refer to 14 images or sculptures which depict various scenes that took place during the crucifixion of Christ.

3. Preaching and Singing of the Passion: This involves reading out parts of the Gospel or even saying them out in a sing-song way.

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