Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Poems

Now thrice welcome Christmas
Which brings us good cheer,
Minced pies and plum porridge,
Good ale and strong beer;
With pig, goose and capon,
The best that may be,
So well doth the weather
And our stomachs agree.

With holly and ivy,
So green and so gay,
We deck up our houses
As fresh as the day;
With bay and rosemary
And laurel complete;
And everyone now
 Is a king in conceit.

- anonymous, 17th century

Christmas catchword
If santa needs a slogan,
I know the one most suited,
Not "Deck the halls" or
"Ho, ho, ho!" but
"Batteries not included!"

-         Sally Palmer
Light plight

Some are large and red and green,
Some small and crystal clear,
Some flash and others twinkle,
Styles change from year to year.
But when it comes to tree lights,
Old-fashioned or newfangled,
My favourite lights will always be
The ones that are untangled!

-    Jill H.Walker
Card tricks

My Christmas cards upon the mantel
Call dominoes to mind:
Those I’m placing in the foreground
Knock down the ones behind!

-   Rosemarie Williamson