Friday, November 5, 2010

How to do a Simple Diwali Rangoli Pattern with Grains

Don't fret if you don't have rangoli colours! You can use grains to make a unique Diwali Ragnoli.
You can use moong dal, urad dal, methi seeds, coriander seeds, kasuri methi leaves, green gram dal, moong seeds, turmeric powder, sugar, red beans, etc. If you don't have white rangoli powder, use chalk. Simple!

4 Amazing Steps to Make Diwali Rangolis without Rangoli Powders

Just follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Select your design

6 dots vertical and 6 dots horizontal
 Step 2: Make the rangoli design on a flat surface on which gheru (brownish earthy clay) has been applied.
Click here to know what is Gheru
The design done with white rangoli powder

Step 3: Now select your grains and keep them ready for filling up the rangoli design

Moong dal

Urad dal

Methi seeds

Kasuri methi leaves

All set to begin!

Step 4: Begin the design by putting methi seeds in the center square, then the moong dal and urad dal as shown in the pictures below.

Center square filled with methi seeds
Instead of kasuri methi leaves for the corner leaves, I used tiny green moong seeds as the kasuri methi leaves were light and got blown away.

Green moong

Top part of the design filled with the grains

Final fully filled rangoli design with grains
Since there was space at the side of the rangoli,  I also put a rangoli design of Ashtavinayakas on the right side, with a readymade-patterned sieve.

Sieve with Ashtavinayakas pattern

Place the sieve flat and sprinkle white rangoli powder through the sieve (colours do not show the outlines so well)

You can also make a small diya design with grains:
Diya with moong dal and urad dal

 On the left is rangoli design with powders; on the right is a design with grains
Do try out this rangoli pattern with grains and let me know about it in the comments box below!  

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