Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diwali Prepaid Gift Cards

For the Diwali Festival, a number of banks in India have introduced unique pre-paid gift cards. Instead of the usual Diwali boxes of dry fruits, chocolate boxes, or cash, you can gift a prepaid gift card. In fact, Diwali prepaid gift cards are wonderful bhau-bheej gifts to give your sister on Bhau Bheej Day.




How to Gift a Diwali Prepaid Gift Card and How it Works

1. Purchase a prepaid gift card for a fixed amount. This varies from one bank to another and ranges between a minimum of Rs. 500/- to a maximum of Rs.50,000/-.

2. The prepaid gift card can be used in wider variety of places than a gift voucher.

3. The prepaid gift card can be redeemed online.

4. The prepaid gift card need not be redeemed at one go, at one time. That is, the amount need not be fully used all at one time. It can be used in installments over a period of time.

Where to Buy Diwali Prepaid Gift Cards:
* State Bank of India
* HDFC Bank
* Axis Bank
* Central Bank of India

Before buying  a Diwali Prepaid  Gift Card confirm:
(1) where all it can be used;
(2) whether the card needs to be used at one time or can be used in phases (in installments;
(3) till what date the card needs to be used (maturity date).

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