Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top 15 Popular Marathi Diwali Anks

Diwali Ank is a traditional Marathi-language Diwali magazine. Diwali Anks are extremely popular amongst individuals, libraries and mandals in Maharashtra due to their rich content. This includes interesting stories for children, literary articles by renowned writers, poems, humorous articles, cultural aspects of Maharashtra, and religious and spiritual-based articles. Most popular are the recipes and astrology sections of a Diwli Ank. A Diwali Ank is often preserved for years and passed on from one generation to the next. Some people even like to give a Diwali Ank as a gift! The price of Diwali Anks begins at Rs.60/- and can go up to Rs.100/-.

The Diwali Ank made its debut with Manoranjan, published by K.R. Mitra in 1909. Since that year, regular readers of Diwali Anks book their issues well in advance due to the booming sales once the issues hit the stands. Other than Manoranjan, the other oldest Diwali anks are Mauj Diwali ank and Awaaz Diwali ank.

Most Popular Marathi Diwali Anks
* Shatayushi
* Gruhashobhika
* Maher
* Menaka
* Jatra
* Charchaughi
* Aboli (published by Pune Marathi Granthalay)
* Ruturang
* Mauj
* Naval
* Hans
* Mohini
* ShriDeeplaxmi
* Dhanurdhari
* Awaaz

The above is a general list of popular Diwali anks. Some people also buy the special Diwali issues of Loksatta, Kalnirnay, and Saamna, the Diwali issue of the Balasaheb Thackeray's Shiv Sena Political Party.

A very unique idea introduced last year was staging the concept of a Diwali Ank for the public. Named Srushti, the live program included a cultural dance, a poetry-reading session and an interview. The program was popular amongst the young audience which attended the show. 

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