Monday, August 23, 2010

Priya Amucha Ek Maharashtra Desh Ha Lyrics in Marathi

Maharashtra Day is one of the major days of celebration in the State of Maharashtra, as it was on this day in 1960 that the State of Maharashtra was formed. This year was the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Maharashtra Day.

Know more about the significance of Maharashtra Day: May 1st, Maharashtra Day

On this day of celebration, a lot of programs are held across the State of Maharashtra, predominantly in Mumbai, the capital city. Find out more: Golden Jubilee Maharashtra Day Celebrations

As part of the Maharashtra Day Celebrations, patriotic songs are sung with a good deal of pride and fervour. One of the most famous is Priya Amucha Ek Maharashtra Desh Ha. 
I located the complete Marathi lyrics of Priya Amucha Ek Maharashtra Desh Ha from the book Aatvaniche Kavita, a book of Marathi poems. I have scanned the pages from the book to retain the correct words in the Marathi Language.


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    1. The song: Priya amucha desh... despite its melodic beauty - not a single person so far..has been able to identify the ORIGIN of this song ( whether it is from any film,etc) and its original music composer, rendered by Lalitha Dewulkar/V.G.Bhatkar.

      Very tragic !